Whole Foods North Vancouver ~ Architectural Millwork Masterpiece

It has been SO difficult to sit on this for the last few months! We have been waiting to share with you a project that we are extremely proud of until the store was open and fully running. We are so excited to share with you the overview and beautiful photos with you from...  Whole Foods Market ~ North Vancouver!!

Coffee & Juice Bar

At the Coffee & Juice bar we did everything from the Engineered Suspended Trellis to the Tables, Displays, Counters and Tops! It came out BEAUTIFULLY!!

Customer Service & Floral

At Customer Service we brought to life the Whole Foods Market's Designers vision of the Suspended Trellis which looks very much like the beautiful landscape in North Vancouver!  We made everything from the Trellis, Counters, Tops, and all the behind the scenes millwork.

At Floral we fabricated Cabinets, Counters, and Tables (oh my!).

Bulk Area, Bins & Nut Butter

In the Bulk Area we created the Bulk Tables, Bins, Nut Butter Display and helped with the design and functionality of the millwork pieces.

Specialty Tables & Displays

Throughout the store you will find hidden gems - from the makeup barge to the bakery tables and specialty pull out tables!

Restaurant & Eating Area

Check out these amazing screens that we created for the eating area! We were given a concept and from there created a piece of art. We made everything from the Upholstered Banquettes to the tables, chairs and wooden eating bar along the window. 

A very huge thanks to Valley Granite for their incredible work and craftsmanship!!  We would also like to extend a huge thank you to Whole Foods Market, their design team, and to Norson Construction for this amazing opportunity!